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Debra of Alabama (5/5) Jan 21, 2011 Debra Marchand Coden Al US
  I've had this sink in my home for 5 years now, and I'll never install a regular kitchen sink again. We didn't use the legs that came with it and built under-the-sink cabinets like you would with a regular sink, only with 4 doors instead of 2. We built a raised and removable back board behind the sink to make it easy to fix plumbing problems, which we haven't had. The water stays contained in the sink area because of the 18" drain boards on each side. Water and other "gunk" doesn't accumulate behind the faucets either. The third sink lets you thaw foods or wash veggies without hindering the washing and rinsing of dishes. The deep sinks actually keep those dirty dishes out of view and therefore doesn't add to the clutter of the kitchen. And for some reason that I haven't figured out yet, my back never hurts from standing at the sink for a long time, like it does when I am standing at a regular kitchen sink.

Krowne Stainless Steel Thre...