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Hoshizaki Countertop Cubele... reviews

Global Rating: 5.00 from 3 reviews.

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Patient (5/5) Jul 31, 2008 Theresa Simon Daly City CA US
  This model is at the hospital I go to and it is so refreshing. The ice water and texture of ice is so yummy. If I had the means, I would buy one for myself. It's the best ice machine out there
Excellent Ice Maker (5/5) Jul 24, 2009 Bo Ahlberg Duvall WA US
  Very reliable and space efficient. My office has one on every floor of every building on Campus. This unit keeps up with near constant demand for ice and produces the easy to chew cubelet ice advertised. I'm considering one of these as a must have on my home kitchen remodel.
The best thing since sliced bread (5/5) Feb 2, 2007 Shannon Carmichael Houston TX US
  This product ROCKS! Every American should have one. Please make them less expensive. Otherwise I will have to steal the one from work.


Hoshizaki Countertop Cubele...