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Grillco Outdoor Corn Roaster reviews

Global Rating: 3.00 from 2 reviews.

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Grillco Outdoor Corn Roaster (1/5) Jul 2, 2008 Corinna Clark Cincinnati Oh US
  What they negelct to tell you is the propane tanks are horizantal and costs around $200.00 each. They aren't included in the price of the grill. You need to buy at least two of them, so you don't run out of propane. Then you have to find somewhere that fills horizantal tanks. The tanks easily freeze up if not turned exactly the correct way. Even if your a little leaning sideways they will freeze up then the regulator breaks. The grill black coating that is sprayed all over this unit chips and falls off after the first couple times used.
Grillco Outdoor Corn Cooker (5/5) Oct 14, 2010 Johnny Maurepas Lo US
  We have been useing this same roaster for the past seven years and it preforms great. The horazontal bottle position is somewhat troublesome but it is easily overcome by paying attention when you install the bottle. You can cook six batches of corn on one of the bottles that lay under the grill and I have mine filled at any place that fills propane bottles. I also use a 25 gallon upright bottle with a hose adaptor for larger events. Yes, the paint does eventually break away and peel from the metal that reaches tempatures in excess of 450-500 degrees for extended periods of times but it was not until well into the third year of use that this started, and the roaster was more than paid for. I had it bead blasted and recoated with a high temp paint. ALL IN ALL AS COMPARED TO THE OTHER ROASTERS ON THE MARKET, AT MORE THAN THREE TIMES THE AMOUNT OF THIS UNIT, IT HAS WELL PADI FOR ITSELF AND IS STILL BEING USED AS A NICE PART OF A SUPPLEMENTAL INCOME.

Grillco Outdoor Corn Roaster