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Oh Yeah! (5/5) Oct 3, 2009 Tony Flanagan Johannesburg SO
  I bought the Imperia 220 Electric from Adriatic here in Joburg last month. And what a pleasure it is to use!
I am a university lecturer and "pasta fresca, fatta in casa" is my little sideline.
After working all day you really need something easy to use. Speed and minimum effort please!
Well yes, the Imperia does it all. I can now do 4 batches of 5 eggs/500g flour inside of 60 minutes! I can have the kitchen cleaned and 6.5kg cooked pasta in the freezer in 1hr 40 start to finish.
Expensive but real good.
PS Why isn't South Africa on the countries list???
RM220 (5/5) Feb 2, 2009 Jill Adams New York NY US
  Great for rolling out fondant. saved my arms a lot of pain and gives a smoother, more even consistency! I highly recommend this to all my fellow cake decorators!

Commercial Electric Imperia...