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Was so hopeful (3/5) Apr 25, 2017 Liesl Cruz Shreveport LA US
  I really loved that this Mandoline came with all blades attached, provided a multitude of cutting options, is easy to clean, and is so simple to set up and take down for storage. I love the lever for adjusting thicknesses and it slices a variety of vegetables well. However I am very disappointed in the Julianne blades and the guard. While I am able to Julianne potatoes on the largest setting it is difficult work, the guard does not hold the vegetable in place well and then sticks once you've passed the blades. Additionally vegetables harder than a potato, say turnips and carrots are almost impossible to Julianne. I'm hoping perhaps my Julianne blades were simply not sharpened properly and if I order new ones and swap them out that this mandoline will end up being exactly what I hoped.
Awesome product (5/5) Feb 7, 2016 Chelsea Lambert Brooklyn Ne US
Bron Couke mandoline (5/5) Mar 9, 2015 Mari Dembrow Eugene Or US
  Excellent product. Beautifully made, easy to use, stable, and very efficient. Also extremely versatile.
Love It (5/5) Jan 29, 2015 Joan Meyer Loveland Oh US
  Works perfectly, love it
Great slicer (5/5) Oct 3, 2012 Anonymous
  No comment.
Best Mandoline I've Owned (5/5) Sep 25, 2012 Roy M. US

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