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Global Rating: 4.33 from 6 reviews.

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Great Thermometer Awesome Brand! (5/5) Jan 30, 2013 Cory A Johnson Rochester MN US
  One of the best Thermometers I have ever used. Super-fast, small, accurate, and calibratable. I also have the Comark PDQ400, which is about the same and, if I only needed one thermometer, I would opt for the PDQ400 due to the higher accuracy. However, I have used both thermometers at the same time and they come up with the same readings; try that with an analog thermometer! I heard after my purchase Comark is owned by Fluke, which the name is synonymous with high quality. Highly recommend!
Meat thermometer (1/5) Nov 24, 2015 Heather vonloh Bertrand Ne US
  It would work when we opened it
Good thermometer (5/5) Oct 4, 2015 Jim Newburgh Ne US
  Nice. Small digital thermometer I use for meat temperatures.
Best in the industry (5/5) Nov 22, 2016 John OR
  I've used many thermometers in my 20 plus years as a chef, and this one has held up to daily beating and dropping. It's really the best though because it has a 3 to 6 second response time, it fits in the chefs sleeve pocket, and it has great accuracy at plus/minus 2 degrees f. And it's waterproof.
Chief (5/5) Jul 10, 2015 Paul Kosinski RAVENNA OH US
  great service and I use the PDT300 every time I grill,fry,& roast.
Great Pocket Instant Read (5/5) Jul 20, 2015 Tim Naperville IL
  Already had one of these for our summer cottage. Was so impressed with it, we bought another for our primary home. Great little instant read cooking thermometer. And this vendor had the lowest price we could find. Terrific value.

Comark Pocket Digital Therm...