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Global Rating: 3.50 from 2 reviews.

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Great for Chocolate (5/5) Oct 28, 2015 Jeanne Pinecrest FL US
  It's been perfect for chocolate so far. While it takes a couple seconds longer than other thermometers, it's much more accurate.
Great Thermo, when it works (2/5) May 22, 2013 Christopher W. Barnard VT US
  I ordered this one to replace a Fluke IR/Probe thermo that looks similar only in yellow. The fluke was a great product, but at a $200 tag, however it lasted me almost 4 years of hard use. I am now on my second Comark Pro. The first arrived with a cracked mirror, I called the manufacturer and they promptly sent a replacement (when it arrived back in stock). I have been using the replacement for almost a month now, and it is beginning to display strange numbers...IR'ing a boiling pot of sugar it will read 185*F, then -10*F, then 235*F, etc. when I tap it and re-shoot a few times, I get a true reading. But the variance is small when dealing with tempering chocolate it will bounce between 94*F and 81*F on the same spot a split second later, then jump to -2*F. So I can no longer trust its accuracy, or its lifespan. I will call for a second replacement, and will be glad if the customer service is consistent, but will not buy another Comark again. I will spend the 2x the $$ and buy another Fluke FoodPro.

Comark FoodPro Plus Infrare...