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Global Rating: 4.55 from 11 reviews.

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As Seen on Martha Stewart (5/5) May 28, 2011 AbestKitchen
  An AbestKitchen staff pick. The Martha Stewart Show purchased this pasta maker from us and used it in her show to make mint cavatelli with spicy duck meatballs.
Awesome (5/5) Apr 14, 2016 Cammi Z
  I bought this little gadget because I needed to make a bunch of cavatelli for Easter Dinner and it would take too long to do by hand. I made a semolina, ricotta dough, rolled it out and fed it thru the cavatelli maker - they came out perfect.
Awesome (5/5) Jul 19, 2015 Anonymous
  No comment.
Below average performance (1/5) Feb 16, 2016 Melissa Kramer New York Wa US
  I was very excited to purchase this cavatelli maker. I took a cooking class in which we used a similar device and it was so easy to use. I was disappointed in the performance of the product. For every strip of raw dough I fed into the machine, half or fewer of the noodles came out looking like cavatelli. I tried using dough that was less moist, more moist, thicker, thinner, flatter. Nothing worked. Something that seemed so quick and easy with a similar machine was extremely frustrating with this product. I am unhappy with my purchase and cannot recommend it.
cavatelli (5/5) Apr 23, 2012 Lucia Los Angelas Ca US
  We made 8 pounds of cavatelli on Easter with this machine. It was a good time for the whole family.
Cavatelli Maker (5/5) Mar 28, 2016 Anonymous
  First time using it. Rolled ropes about 5/8" thick and 24 inches long. Took just a few seconds to pop out flawless ricotta gnocchoi Just plain goof proof!!!!
Cavatelli Maker With Wooden Rollers" (4/5) Nov 13, 2012 satsita isakova nesoddtangen lÝ NO
  No comment.
easy to use (5/5) Jan 19, 2016 Anonymous
  I gave this to my son-in-law for Christmas. He has made cavatelli twice since then and enjoyed it very much--and my daughter enjoyed eating the results!
marsha (5/5) Jan 6, 2014 marsha wineland southern pines NC US
  worked great. thank you.
Rita May (5/5) Nov 15, 2011 Anonymous
  Love this machine! We attached it to our counter and the family cranked out delicious ricotta cavatelli while our homemade sauce simmered. Can't wait to make more!

Cavatelli Maker With Hand O...

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