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Global Rating: 4.50 from 2 reviews.

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Great Brewer (4/5) Sep 11, 2015 Tony Reynolds Seattle WA US
  We purchased this brewer as a way to make 1 gallon airpot quantities of coffee quickly for our coffee tastings. Once filled and warmed up, this coffee maker will brew a gallon of coffee in about 7-8 minutes. Please note that there is NO 'ON' SWITCH! The reservoir MUST be filled before the unit is plugged in. This is per the written instructions included with the unit.

The unit, even full of water, is fairly easy to move. It brews quickly and efficiently. The only negative we've noticed is that the resulting coffee is somewhat weak, even when using the correct amount of coffee. For example, for a standard 12 cup coffee maker with a #4 Melitta cone filter, we would use 3/4 cup of fine ground coffee. The Bunn brews the equivalent of two 12-cup pots of coffee, but 1 1/2 cups (2x 3/4 cup) of coffee doesn't yield the same strength. We chalk this up to the flat-bottomed, basket-style filter, and are working to tweak our grind.

All in all a good addition to our equipment list. We can brew at least 3 if not 4 airpots of coffee per hour. Very quick.


Great so far (5/5) Apr 17, 2011 Dan R Ge US
  We are very happy with this simple to use coffee maker. We bought it for outdoor use serving concessions at festivals. You have to arrive at least 30 minutes early to get this thing plugged in and warming its water tank up, but once it's warmed up, it makes a very good air pot of coffee pretty darn fast.

We use purified drinking water and our own brand of fresh roasted, high quality coffee, and the coffee comes out of this machine as good as I'd want it--and I'm a coffee snob. The only better cup I've had of my own coffee was making an Americano from an espresso maker, which is nice for home, but not so practical for outdoor festivals.

The working of this machine is very simple, which was actually a little confusing at first...I thought there must be more to it, but it seems this machine depends on simple gravity for its operation: the tank is always full and hot, and when you pour more into the top, however much you poured it creates an overflow, pushing the water through the brewing mechanism. When the overflow is leveled out again, the brewing stops.

We bought the Bunn brand 2.5 liter air pots to go with this machine, and we are very happy with those.

Bunn Pourover Airpot Coffee...