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Global Rating: 3.00 from 2 reviews.

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Great Oven! (4/5) May 10, 2013 Scott Robinson Enoch UT US
  We have a small 'hole in the wall' Pizza joint and this oven has saved us! before, we had two front load ovens that couldn't keep up with our weekend rushes.

I also wish it had some preset temperatures for different items (different sizes of pizzas, sandwiches, etc..) but we got it down after a few tries.

Works great for 14 inch Pizzas, but 16 inch pizzas don't cook as even as we'd like (browns the front and back, but leaves the edges a little too light)

But all in all we're happy for the purchase!
Owner (2/5) Jun 6, 2012 Tammy Brown Festus Mo US
  Great machine I'm sure but didn't come with control setting options for cooking.
Would have been a great help to have! Still trying to get settings set for cooking pizzas and running breads thru.

Vollrath Belleco Maestro Pi...