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Global Rating: 4.50 from 6 reviews.

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Easy Chef's One Million of the World's Best Recipe's CD-ROM (4/5) Jan 30, 2014 Nida Blundell Brazil IN US
  I am satisfied with the product. I have used an older version for several years and miss the "Save" to hard drive feature.
Excellent (5/5) Dec 9, 2013 Jan Michaels Chicago IL US
  No comment.
Love to Cook (5/5) Sep 21, 2008 Billie Davis Lapel IN US
  This is the best cook book that you will ever own!!!! And no bulky book you have to store. The recipes are the best and there are typically several versions of a particular recipe that you're looking for. What a great gift for that hard to buy for person. Buy and Enjoy!!!
Version 5 Review (3/5) Nov 29, 2008 Bill Heronemus Lewes DE US
  While this does have very many recipe's, I found it tiresome running through many incomplete and downright wrong recipes to find one or two that looked tasty. Some recipes were written by 6 year old's it seems. There is no way of deleting these errant recipes either. What I would like to see (and please correct me if version 6 has this feature) is the ability to Install this program on my hard drive and fine tune the recipes to suit my needs. With so many recipes on the internet available, the need for this sort of program is diminished.
Easy Chef's One Million Recipe's (5/5) Dec 3, 2009 Barbara Myers Newwton Falls Oh US
  I absolutely love my copy that I have used for over 5 years. You can even add your own recipe's to have on file. I'm on here right now looking to buy some for Christmas presents.
A Must Have! (5/5) Jun 29, 2014 Michelle Smith North Hampton Ne US
  I was given the CD years ago, and loved it. I got a new computer, and the CD was so old it wasn't compatible. I HAD to buy a new CD. It has become an old standby. It's one of my favorite cookbooks. I love the newer style and all the improvements. A definite must have for anybody who loves to cook!!

Easy Chef's One Millio...