Zeroll – The Original Ice Cream Scoop

Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop

The Zeroll ice cream scoop is considered an original if not the original ice cream scoop.  It has not changed much at all since it was introduced in the 1930s.  This scoop’s handle is filled with a fluid to conduct heat from your hand into the scoop in order to slightly melt the ice cream as you dip, so the scoop slices through the ice cream creating a nice smooth ball that easily slips onto a cone or into a dish.

This scoop is also more cost effective than other models because as the ice cream forms a ball, it is not compressed so it appears larger because it is somewhat hollow.  If you’re just wanting a lighter portion or if you’re aiming for higher profits and easy scooping, the Zeroll is your answer.

Another nice thing about this scoop is it has no levers, springs, or extra parts, so it is easy to clean.  Plus there is no need for the lever/spring action, so it works equally well left or right handed.

Yet another nice thing about the Zeroll is that is was invented in Ohio and is still made in the U.S.A.  We stock this scoop, so you can order the original ice cream scoop from the original online kitchen company – ABestKitchen.  Get the Zeroll here.

zeroll scoop technique

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