Spice Up Your Day (Or Night) With Candy Apples


Candy Apples


It’s a cool Autumn evening, the perfect time to make some candy apples.  At ABestKitchen, besides all the big equipment and awesome kitchen supplies, we have some fun products, including candy apple dip and sticks.

I would suggest starting with the two dip varieties, then adding toppings and possibly a double-dip into some other gooey treat.  And why stop with nuts?  I am thinking of multiple options for dips and toppings at my candy apple party:

Crushed Oreos

Melted chocolate sprinkled with sea salt

The Caramel Apple Dip with Cocoa Pebbles

Melted chocolate sprinkled with crushed potato chips

The caramel dip rolled in M&Ms

Some version sprinkled with cinnamon, not sure yet

Caramel & popcorn

Any other ideas?  Leave a comment and let me know.  Also, one tidbit I picked up is to not use the coated apples from the store.  Try to get uncoated ones or buy directly from the farm – the candy sticks better without the coating.



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