Concession Selections – Equipment for Food Trucks

It’s mid-summer and food trucks and concession businesses are in full swing.  We’ve seen some great food truck ideas – a mobile wood fired pizza oven, a cupcake truck, a crepe truck, and a mobile soup truck to name a few. If you are looking for portable profits, we stock lots of Concession Equipment & Catering Equipment that can help.


Induction ranges for food trucks and concession.

Induction Ranges

If you are going to cook on your food truck, consider using induction countertop ranges. Induction ranges cook faster than gas, with less heat, and using less energy.  They are also easy to clean, and compact, which makes them perfect for operations like food trucks and portable concessions. Many professional chefs are acknowledging that induction cooking is superior to even gas due to its speed & efficiency. Within a small, hot space such as a food truck where energy use is often limited, induction makes sense.


Crepe Makers for Concession

Crepe makers can outfit a crepe truck for a fast and easy food business.

Crepes are a terrific specialty items for food trucks. They are easy, fast, cheap to make, and can serve as high quality breakfast or lunch items. These crepe makers are compact and perfect for churning out crepes in a mobile setting.

Mitch Pavel, the owner of Hot & Healthy Crepes in North Lake Tahoe, California, uses 3 Krampouz Crepe Makers in his truck to churn out crepes stuffed with meat, veggies, eggs, fruit, cheese, or of course, Nutella.  He runs off two 50 lb. propane tanks and generates or plugs in for electricity to power a prep table, a two-door reach-in refrigerator, and a mixer for crepe batter.



Mitch & the Hot & Healthy Food Truck


Krampouz Crepe Makers in the Hot & Healthy Crepe Truck



True Prep Table for Crepes


Organic & Local Strawberries



Chad Hayes & Andrea Schwartz, operators of The Souper Wagon, keep everything as organic and local as possible – “We only like to serve what we’d make for ourselves”. They also run on a propane / electric combination to prep and serve fresh soup. They are equipped with a griddle, prep table, and gas powered hot food / steam table to keep soup hot. They can also be found parked or driving around North Lake Tahoe.



The Souper Wagon Soup Truck


The Souper Wagon Interior


Souper Wagon Prep Table, Hot Food Steam Table & Service Window


When designing your own food truck, you’ll want to make the most of your space and power constraints. At ABestKitchen, we have lots of equipment to help.

Panini Grills for Concession

Panini Grills – in addition to making awesome sandwiches on your food truck or cart, a flat panini grill can double as a griddle for frying eggs, meats, etc. These panini grills / griddles can operate on standard 120V, and use little space.

Countertop Electric Fryer for Concession / Food Truck

Countertop electric fryers are compact and can run on standard 120V electrical outlets.

Pizza Concession Snack Oven

Fusion Snack and Pizza Oven – these small snack ovens are incredible space-saving devices for cooking pizza or other snack items.


Soup Warmers for Concession

Soup Warmers


Hot Dog Concession

Hot dogs & Gourmet Sausages – ABestKitchen’s selection of hot dog steamers, rollers, and bun warmers for concession are easy additions to any mobile foodservice operation.

Coffee Percolator for Concession Truck

Coffee Percolators – brew and automatically hold coffee at a hot temperature.

Concession Gyro Machine

Vertical Broiler / Gyro Machine – For gyros, vertical broilers are available in natural gas or propane gas models. Most mobile truck concession applications will use propane.


Keep on trucking –