FDA Compliant Thermometers That Meet New Food Code Requirements

Comark PDT300 Kitchen Thermomter

Comark PDT300 Thermometer – Hot!

New FDA Food Code requirements mandate that a thermometer with a 1.5mm tip be used to measure foods that are ½ inch thick or less. Dial thermometers are no longer acceptable. Bimetal, bayonet style thermometers should not be used to measure the temperature of thin foods like hamburger patties because of the large diameter of the probe, which can’t accurately sense the temperature. So be sure to update your thermometer today to avoid health department violations.  Comark’s model PDT300 slim, pocket digital thermometer meets all new FDA food code requirements, and is the most popular solution in the food service industry. Plus, it’s waterproof, field calibratable, withstands constant use in wet or humid conditions, and features BioCote antimicrobial protection! Model PDQ400 is dishwasher safe.