The Right Glassware

Pompilio’s Italian Restaurant – Where a scene from the movie Rainman was filmed.  They serve their table wine in plain little wine glasses, which is perfect.

Being in the restaurant business, the restaurant equipment business, and being an avid food lover and cook teaches a person to appreciate glassware.  Sometimes, that means glassware with character.  A tiny, old fashioned wine glass feels right in a place like Pompilio’s Italian Restaurant In Newport, KY – an historic place with a casual ambiance where table wine flows like, well…wine.  In other circumstances, when ordering a glass of wine, I find myself asking for the good glassware.  It’s not unusual for me to ask for a larger wine glass at my favorite local restaurants.  That said, both at home and in business, the good wine glasses tend to be more expensive and delicate.  So, it’s a good idea to have both the fine wine glasses and the durable stuff for house wine.  Rather than over-dwell on the subject, I want to point out two of my favorite glass selections.

The Best Wine Glass

The Best Wine Glass

A good wine glass should have a thin lip to deliver the wine directly to your palette, the right shape, and enough room to swirl and observe the character of the wine.  This 22 Ounce glass goes beyond – it is a work of art, it’s the perfect size, and it’s classy.  The glass is lead-free crystal, handblown in one piece.  That means the entire glass is blown & formed at once.  Lesser quality glasses are machine-made and/or will have seams at the base and stem. This handblown glass is the product of a dying art that produces a lightweight, beautiful glass worthy of your finest wines.  It’s a bit costly at $22.95, but when compared to similar glasses that can sell for over $100, it’s a fair deal.  I’ve compared this glass to more expensive glassware by Riedel and other brands, and I prefer this one.

Note: These glasses are delicate, and should not be placed in a dishwasher.
We also have some other nice quality, but lesser priced Wine Tasting Glasses.

Another Nice Glass

I see the same tea/water/beer glasses everywhere.  But there is one glass that is a bit more unique that I prefer in my home and I have chosen for my business in the past. For water, beer, and other cocktails, this glass compares to the standard glassware you find everywhere, but it steps it up a class by adding 4 dimples, or impressions that give the glass a nicer look and a comfortable feel in your hand.  It is available in an 8 Ounce Cocktail Version, and a 12 Ounce.  They are priced reasonably, under $4.00/glass – around $40/dozen.


When it comes to beer glasses, I prefer the Stein or the Pint.