NSF…WDIAM? (What Does It All Mean?)

What does NSF Mean?People ask me all the time what NSF stands for. I always have trouble remembering that it stands for National Sanitary Foundation. But what does it really mean to all of us involved in the food service business? Those of you who own restaurants, pizza shops, or other food service facilities know the health inspector wants to make sure you are meeting all NSF standards. Aside from being clean, your restaurant or other food service facility must meet NSF requirements. For example, your sink must have coved corners, and also must have three compartments to provide for washing, rinsing, and sanitization. Most also require that the sink has two drain boards (one for clean and one for dirty). All the equipment in the kitchen is required to have 6“ legs or wheels, enabling ease of cleaning underneath. Most equipment must be stainless steel for easy and efficient cleaning. Containers for food storage must also be NSF approved. They must be made from the right material and be easy to clean. Any food processing equipment (slicers, dicers, mixers, etc.) all must meet the NSF standards.
So we know what NSF means to us in the food service industry. But who exactly is NSF? The National Sanitary Foundation was formed over 60 years ago. They are an independent, not-for-profit organization trying to make the world a safer place for consumers. They test and certify products to verify that these products meet health and safety standards. Once they have tested a product and deemed it acceptable, the product receives the NSF Mark. This NSF Mark means that the product has been tested by one of the most respected certification companies today and is held to the highest safety and sanitation standards. If you are in the foodservice industry, you want your products to have this mark. It tells customers they can trust you and your equipment. If something in your restaurant doesn’t meet these standards, your local health inspector will surely let you know about it.
To make sure your equipment is up to standards, always purchase your restaurant supplies from an experienced food equipment dealer. You can be sure that any equipment you buy from ABest will be NSF approved unless otherwise noted, such as some products in our “Just for Home” section.