Easy Pizza By-The-Slice With Your Pizza Stone


Pizza StonesSometimes, a good slice of pizza really hits the spot.  What’s your favorite style?  I find the thin crust pizza to be delicious by-the-slice, and I think I know why.  A typical by-the-slice pizza is pre-cooked and heated in a brick pizza oven before serving.  The extremely hot stone oven heats the pizza very quickly and helps cook the crust into that perfect, foldable consistency that it’s famous for, but sometimes hard find.

One of my favorite pizza parlors is Best Pies, in Truckee, CA.  http://bestpiesco.com/ – they have truly brought fantastic New York style pizza to this Sierra mountain town.  When they opened a few years ago, I fell in love.  But given that they are 20 minutes away from my home and do not deliver, I had to find another solution for a quick slice-o-pizza fix.

Enter the pizza stone.  I have used it to make homemade pizza and other baked foods, but I found another simple, fast and easy use for my stone.  Whenever I am near Best Pies, I buy one or two plain cheese pizzas, take them home, and freeze individual slices in the freezer.  When I want one, I preheat the oven and the stone to 450 or so.  Then it only takes 2-3 minutes to make that slice hot and every bit as good as out of the restaurant’s oven.  It folds perfectly.

I get plain because it saves money, and it’s fun to play with whatever toppings I might have in the fridge.  Easy as pie!

Thank you, Best Pies and other great pizza places.  So stop by your favorite pizza place, pick up a pie, and enjoy slices for a week or so with your pizza stone and a hot oven.

Best pies, I mean, regards,